Palouse Pint is now LINC Malt

Public Annoucement

LINC Malt, formerly Palouse Pint, is excited to announce its new brand that directly connects the malthouse to LINC’s overall operation.

"In Launching the LINC Malt brand, we hope to emphasize our cooperative’s mission to create connections between regional farmers and consumers across all of our business lines. We are excited for LINC Malt to continue to grow its role as a bridge between grain growers and the burgeoning craft brewing and distilling industries," said Brian Estes, of LINC.

After two successful years of growth in a fledgling craft malting industry, we recognized the central value of its cooperative ownership structure as critical to its identity. Owned entirely by the farmers and employees of the cooperative, LINC is proud of its community roots and role in connecting farms to market opportunities in the region. LINC’s other business line, LINC Foods, is a wholesale food distributor of locally farmed goods supplying institutions, the hospitality industry, restaurants, grocery stores and school districts across the Inland Northwest.

The malthouse’s production approach will continue to emphasize grain varietal and farm-source identification, and focus on offering malt with distinct, high-quality flavor profiles reflective of the skill of Inland Northwest farmers and the unique geography of the region’s farmlands.

"Every batch of malt we produce has a farmer, a field, and a growing season helping define its flavor and character. The approach of LINC Malt’s operation is to support our brewer and distiller partners in exploring those traits, and to offer consumers compelling flavors of the Inland Northwest," said LINC’s maltster, Joel Williamson.

The launch of the new LINC Malt moniker coincides with our preparation to double the production capacity of our Spokane Valley malthouse from 200 to 400 tons annually. New malting equipment is being fabricated and will be operational in late 2018. This expansion is in response to a completely booked production schedule and increased demand for product from regional brewers and distillers.

The Palouse Pint brand will be retired, with all represented growers and malt varieties transitioning to LINC Malt.